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Modification Honda PCX Minimalis

Modification Honda PCX Minimalis
Elegant style of an exclusive Honda PCX was able to make the eyes look away. Polished with only minor modifications, the motor has been able-bodied to strengthen its exclusive image of it.

Modification Honda PCX Minimalis
Look at the latest PCX alerts Honda Big Modification these home modifications. With a little touch, an aura of luxury revealed more subtle.

"If PCX mah do not need much modification. Basis of this bike is good, so stay polished it," said shop owner Big Modification, Budi Big.

In this year 2010 motor alerts, Budi Big prove, minimal modification is not forever 'bear'. "That's when most parts modifications, this bike even looks weird," as the reason.

To the eye of the motor, Budi replacing standard lamps with projector headlights applications equipped with HID lights and angel eyes. With this application capable of presenting Budi dimensions at once futuristic and elegant aura

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