2008 Travertson Motorcycles V-Rex Motorcycle Performance

 on Monday, October 25, 2010  

2008 Travertson Motorcycles V-Rex
2008 Travertson Motorcycles V-RexSPECS
Harley-Davidson V-Rod
120 peak hp 74 ft lbs torque @ 7,000 rpm
682 lbs in running order
Steel tubing and cast aluminum
Front: Aluminum twin
swingarm and fully adjustable hydraulic monoshock
Rear: Aluminum single-sided swingarm and adjustable hydraulic dual shocks
Front: machined cast aluminum assembly hub/rim
Rear: slotted machined cast aluminum
Front: 140/70x18 Metzeler Marathon
Rear: 280/30x18 Metzeler Marathon
Front: 6-piston inverted caliper with floating disc
Rear: 2 piston caliper with floating disc.
At 673 pounds, one imagines this long-wheelbase go-bot to be daunting, but Travert has worked magic with the chassis. With a low center of gravity, aided by a 2-into-1 cropped exhaust and load distributed to the extremities, the V-Rex feels light at rest. At speed it glides through corners, soaks up unfriendly pavement, makes U-turns with no worries, and stops crisply. The V-Rod motor never lets you forget this its heritage. Christian knows well that engine mods and Screaming Eagle kits will be the order of the day for V-Rex buyers as they personalize their new steed.

2008 Travertson Motorcycles V-Rex
The Hollywood fantasy factory has already gotten wind of Christian's creation—offers are multiplying for the bike to make its big screen debut. Those who have secretly wished their custom motorcycles be fashion-forward can now breathe easy. Seeing the spectators salivate over the V-Rex at the most recent California Bike Week, and the resulting sales of this new extremist, one senses Travertson's time has come.
2008 Travertson Motorcycles V-Rex Motorcycle Performance 4.5 5 case Monday, October 25, 2010 SPECS ENGINE Harley-Davidson V-Rod POWER 120 peak hp 74 ft lbs torque...

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