Trend motorcycle modification in the 2011

 on Thursday, January 20, 2011  

Jakarta-Trend motorcycle modification  in the 2011 will be dominated by the concept of sport futuristic and retro classics.
"Tendency modification of two concepts that have actually appeared in the last three years. However, the concept will be further strengthened in 2011 was, "said Amirul Nefo, modification observer who also teaches at the Faculty of Product Design and Visual Arts, National Institute of Technology Bandung, when contacted on Saturday (1 / 1).

Trends modifications that lead to the two concepts are also not free from the influence of the development of modifications of the world. Moreover, at the same time the availability of spare parts and accessories for the modification was also abundant in the market.

"The trend in some countries has been the mecca also leads to the two concepts," said Nefo.

Classic retro style favored not just want to reminisce with the romanticism of the past, but also to express their artistry and creativity combined with technological sophistication. Thus, although the retro-style classic, still thick with advanced technology.

"The instrument cluster and headlamp for example can only use the classical form but modern technology," said Nefo.

The futuristic sports style at the stretcher, other than because of the many variants that digelontorkan sports manufacturer to market as well as the embodiment of the latest technological developments. Digital technology and the range of devices continues to develop gadgets that will be applied in motor sport modification fruit. This style

"In addition, the modifiers can also have easy thanks to the design of new motor sport, especially the motorized 250-600 cc, the naked (open)," said Valen 'Baron' Trisandi, modifier of B & B BlastMod, Karawaci, when contacted.

Number of motor sport supply large-capacity engine it also assessed the ease with which the modifier to be creative. The reason, they do not have to do Bore up the machine in order to enlarge the power to match the appearance of motor sport both futuristic and retro-style classic.

Although the concept of retro and sport sophisticated style, the motor can be driven modification to support their daily activities. "Motor will remain daily use, and give priority to aspects of comfort and security," said Valen.

Both Nefo and Valen said, although modifications will be dominated mainstream motor sport and other models are powered by large, at scooter matic modification or duck still developing. Style modification both tinged concept will also be retro and futuristic sports.

"But not as big as a large-engined motorcycles, it is because the support of spare parts and accessories for motor modifications neither big engine," explained Nefo.
Trend motorcycle modification in the 2011 4.5 5 case Thursday, January 20, 2011 Jakarta- Trend motorcycle modification  in the 2011 will be dominated by the concept of sport futuristic and retro classics. "Tendency ...

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