SE Naked Big Battery electricycle concept

 on Friday, November 19, 2010  

Italian Paolo De Giusti last work he called SE Naked Big Battery. All previous bikes designer painted in the style naked, so the concept continues electricycle chosen motif.
The concept, conceived by Paolo, equipped with two motors (one at each wheel), transmission and brakes with electronic control. The whole installation must ensure that the motorcycle power 80kW electric motor and a characteristic huge torque of 240 Nm, and a clever braking system can recharge the batteries during braking.
2010 SE Naked Big Battery concept
The main problem of electric motorcycles, quite reasonably observes Italian, is a long charge. He therefore suggested that the system quick-change battery, as shown in the photo. Just one stroke at some specially equipped gas station burnt-out fuel cell motorcycle can be replaced with a fully charged and to go further. Brilliant, is not it?
se naked big battery electric concept
Dry specifications SE Naked Big Battery, came to the mind of the designer we maybe interesting, but for completeness they should bring:
Frame: Monochrome type
Strength: multiplate, aluminum
Brakes: front – 420mm disc with 8-piston caliper, 300mm rear disc and 4-piston caliper
Base: 1,6 m
Weight: 210 kg
Maximum speed: 390 km / h (!)
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