Honda CBR250R in Bangkok

 on Tuesday, January 4, 2011  

BANGKOK (dp) - A.P. Honda Co.., Ltd.., Thailand, today, Wednesday (27/10), officially launched the all-new Honda CBR250R in Bangkok. The launch of this bike sports at once began selling Honda motorcycles 250cc engine capacity in the ASEAN market.

Contributors in Bangkok, Komar Johari, reported the launch carried out promptly at 13:00 local time (same as Jakarta) in Zentera Grand (Central World), Bangkok.

According to the latest Honda CBR 250R will be manufactured in Thailand and began to be marketed in November 2010. The machine is said to be held CBR250R is a production of Thai Honda Maufacturing Co.., Ltd.. (Thai Honda). The presence of this sporty model is the first in production in Thailand.

In addition marketed in Thailand and ASEAN, including Indonesia, CBR250R will be supplied to the fulfillment of consumers in Japan, Europe, North America, and Australia. In Japan this product will be marketed starting in 2011.

According to Thai Honda, design engineering (R & D) new CBR250R done through supervision of Japan and Thailand. The emphasis of design and technical CBR250R said to be "Sport Quarter for One World, CBR 250R."

This concept aims for CBR250R can be ridden by all the riders in a variety of purposes, ranging from beginner to experienced, including when they want to do maneuvers.

Thai Honda also said to be a production base CBR20R-base motor has been manufactured since 1976 and went on sale in Japan since 1988 view Cub 100EX model.

Until June 2010 about 18 million motorcycles were sold in the entire CBR region, including Europe and Asia. Honda CBR itself is the result of design and technical development carried out at Honda's facility in Kumamoto, Japan ( chance to visit the facility.) This facility is quite an importance aspect of high quality.

This can be seen from the application of full-cowl body carried on the CBR250R. According to Honda, to make the necessary advanced technology concepts, including the thinking function.

CBR250R also claimed memilingki frame made of solid diamond cut style that is quite difficult in the implementation structure. With this emphasis, the Honda CBR250R can promise an easy control, agility while maneuvering like a sport bike.

Even the design is very good CBR250R also alluded to in the flow of air pressure at high speeds. This directly will make the effect better stability.

Meanwhile, in the areas of safety, the CBR250R has mengobinasi Combined ABS braking system (Anti-Lock Brake System). This is the first feature for motor sport in the 250cc class.

Combined ABS itself promises a stability when the rider wants to do the braking. Moreover, this system combined with the technology involved Combined Brake System (CBS), an anti-locking system on the front and rear brakes.

So far still had difficulty contacting the PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) to ask about the plan CBR250R sales in Indonesia. However it is probable that this section will diperihatkan motor in Jakarta Motorcycle Show 2010 which will begin on November 3 at building the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Jakarta. [Dp / GRG / Komar Johari-BANGKOK]
Honda CBR250R in Bangkok 4.5 5 case Tuesday, January 4, 2011 BANGKOK (dp) - A.P. Honda Co.., Ltd.., Thailand, today, Wednesday (27/10), officially launched the all-new Honda CBR250R in Bangkok . The la...

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