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The picture will be "unearthed" that most likely form of this car had been in Vietnam a year ago ago.

Immediately after the first detailed images of the LEXAM YCAT appears, immediately appeared on the Internet a series of overall picture of the car. Owner of the picture is his charge to Thai Linh alviss90 nickname was accidentally recorded in the maintenance of a car going at Yamaha Town a year ago. The picture was recorded in mid October 2008 and in what Yamaha has announced this is exactly LEXAM completely new car model from Yamaha.

According to the original conjecture, Yamaha has been quietly studying and developing vehicle models from quite long ago as Vietnam has been chosen as the destination's first new car model from the left in the period studied . Models first experiment was secretly transferred to Vietnam for a long time. If LEXAM true that this model car, car body LEXAM is pretty good shape "String". Cluster steering and large size vehicle rather "mup MIP" if seen from behind. The integrated cluster fenders hanging fitting number plates also have relatively large size. Not many establishments that will use the LEXAM brake system combined CBS and electronic fuel injection system. According to this image, LEXAM YCAT used for two-wheel type hand brake before-after. Location to be fixed first leg in plastic flat compact form. Cavity inlet is smaller integration slot exit for free car horn. LEXAM use YCAT power locks have integrated features from safe cover.
YAMAHA LEXAM MODIFICATION PICTURES 4.5 5 case Wednesday, December 29, 2010 yamaha lexam from vietnam full body pics yamaha lexam The picture will be "unearthed" that most likely form of this car had been i...

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