Fusion Motorcycles - “The Machine” Performance

 on Thursday, October 28, 2010  

Fusion Motorcycles

Fusion Motorcycles is a small manufacturing company producing some of the most unique motorcycles on the market. Combining form, function, style, and performance, this recipe creates the ultimate riding machine. They manufacture a limited quantity in order to pay fine attention to every detail. They pride ourselves in delivering a machine of utmost quality. The company produce limited volume production machines to keep the uniqueness and individual feeling of such a rare motorcycle.

Will Thibeault, the owner and designer, has 12 years manufacturing experience. In this experience he has worked for other motorcycle manufacturing companies and has been sought after by many others. After designing and building motorcycles for other companies he decided to venture out and build high quality, high-end performance machines of his own. With generations of motorcycle enthusiasts in his family, including the famous “lucky Thibeault” wall of death rider, it was only natural for him to continue the enthusiasm by producing such fine machines.

Fusion Motorcycles
To date the company is ready to produce its first model, “The Machine”. With it’s proprietary frame design, all aluminum construction and race inspired performance; it will be the most unique riding machine on the market. The concept of “The Machine” came from countless hours of conceptual drawing and Cad design. Wanting to construct a bike like no other helped conceive the idea of a frame using lightweight aluminum and absolutely no welds. Strong and light, using the motor and transmission as a stressed member, the frame has no flex. Every part is precision machined from 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum to ensure a strong precise frame. The engine is an 80 inch Harley Davidson with a five speed FXR transmission.

The front end reminiscent of an old “Indian Scout” and inspired by the race bike “Brittan V1000″, is a girder type front end also made of billet aluminum. In the rear, there is a brembo single sided swing arm with matching brembo 17″ wheels.
Fusion Motorcycles - “The Machine” Performance 4.5 5 case Thursday, October 28, 2010 Fusion Motorcycles is a small manufacturing company producing some of the most unique motorcycles on the market. Combi...

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