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 on Thursday, December 30, 2010  

yamaha majestySimilar to the trend of Harajuku style dress is always ogled by the observer in the world of fashion, style of automotive modification, both for cars and motorcycles in Japan also made reference to follow. For example to modifi cation motor. Japanese society is currently likes to dress the manifold big motor scooter. Call brands such as Suzuki Burgman or Yamaha Majesty. Makeup that they generally apply fancy style. With a catchy color game combined elements such as solid white candy tone, pearl white, orange, baby blue, yellow, and more. There is also the added grafi s airbrush body all over the bike. Not only that, the chrome accents are also frequently found in the scooter-scooter their mainstay. This also confirms the impression of luxury in these motors.

Application of other accessories such as dual exhaust pipe (which is also accented chrome) further strengthen the aura. Because of the rise of big scooter modifi cation in Japan, one of the houses modifi cation car famous enough Fabulous, in particular already provides support for some brand accessories big scooter! In Indonesia, especially Jakarta, dressing big scooter is also beginning to bloom. Although not as extreme as in Japan, but if the note is now on the streets started to wander a lot of big scooter that has been colored colorful, like the Suzuki Burgman berkelir combination of black and white, or Piaggio X9 with light colors, and much more. We'll wait the next modifi cation.

scooterUntuk honda cars, for example, is a style of make-up JDM or Japanese Domestic Market, the style of makeup that is actually made under the rules adopted by the Japanese government against the car owner in the country. JDM style is actually very interesting and very applicable to be implemented in Indonesia, because the appearance of Japanese cars this is like mass production cars in general. But if considered in more detail, will be seen the small parts that are different and attractive look. Examples from the exterior. Body color is generally dominated by solid colors like white, black, red, or yellow. However, metallic colors like blue and silver is also not unlawful for ogled. Then there is the addition of lips spoiler, side skirts or duck tail all over his body minimalist. Carbon Kevlar material and hue also general enough to dominate parts of it earlier. Not infrequently the original hood was replaced with aftermarket engine hood made from Carbon Kevlar whose purpose other than to reduce the weight of the vehicle, also look stylish.
lowriderFor the foot-feet, generally have undergone replacement of the suspension with aftermarket products. But circumcision height is also not too extreme, just look cute and still comfortable and safe driving. Brands like Eibach, Tein, Showa, and so is still an option for the suspension. For the wheels, alloy wheels are generally replaced with wheels made of light but with a size that is not too large. Examples include the ring 15 to 16 are combined with low tire l berprofi like 45 or 50 but with a slightly wider footprint, such as 205. Enkei, Volk Racing, Rays Engineering, or Buddy Club is a wheel-rim favorite of this JDM style.

Replacement brake device in the form of disc brake and kalipernya with a more qualified aftermarket products are also widely applied. Brands like Endless or Project is still an option. Replacement of brake device is not without reason, because these cars generally have been carrying the high-tech in the engine compartment. This is what distinguishes from mass production cars. Turbocharger or supercharged engine also grafted into previously been upgraded. Application piggyback chip is common for this modifi cation. Engine swap (engine replacement) to machines that grade or a higher power is also a natural thing to do. However, replacement or increase the engine power must still be environmentally friendly because the Japanese government is very strict in testing emissions testing in his country. Not to forget the application of strut bar in the engine compartment to support the suspension of work for a more perfect handling car.

baseBeralih scooter into the interior. Generally, the seat has been replaced with the type of racing or bucket seats. Brands like Recaro, Bride or Sparco still dominate. Replacement steering wheel, shift knob and pedal set is also a matter that must be complementary. Do not forget safety belt and other supporting devices like tachometer, oil pressure gauge or turbo boost meter is also applied in the interior not only to add style, but also functional.

When considered as a whole, display cars JDM style is quite minimalist. But the energy stored behind a minimalist face is generally quite violent. And the reason why is quite applicable is because the cars are the cars dressed mass products are also many loose in Indonesia. Even in some accessories store in Jakarta, such as the Kemayoran area and Kedoya, already exist that provide these JDM accessories. Stay tailored to your car each.

Japanese makeup style is proven to be quite interesting to be a reference. So not only style dresses, but also the style of weeks to vehicle modifications. Interested to try? Or maybe you've become one of them?
Modification Photo Collection Motor Mio 4.5 5 case Thursday, December 30, 2010 Similar to the trend of Harajuku style dress is always ogled by the observer in the world of fashion, style of automotive modification, b...

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