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bajaj pulsar 135ls 2010

JAKARTA-Motor sports berbodi stocky, powerful engines, but fuel economy, but the price is cheap, who is not smitten with the Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS. What advantages does India's iron horse?

LS 135 news Pulsar presence was so Santer came shortly after the principals Bajaj in India officially launched its motor sport 135 cc engine capacity was mid last year. But only this time as a shareholder BAI motorcycle brands dare bring Bajaj Pulsar 135 DTS-i technology to the country.

See the machine that bears almost no one seems to competitors who are playing in this class. The closest is only Suzuki Thunder 125. IBHS in terms of capacity is clearly different cylinders of the Pulsar 135.

Because it was probably not an overstatement if the President Director of BAI, KS Grihapathy so optimistic with the Pulsar 135. "Brand Pulsar so attached in the minds of consumers Bajaj in Indonesia, therefore we present the Pulsar 135 to open a new niche light class motor sports," he said on the sidelines of the launch when ditemi Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS.

Few looked innards Pulsar LS 135, India manufacturers rely on the technology returned SOHC 4-stroke twin spark plugs DTS-i (Digital Twin Spark Ignition), 4 valves. By using two spark plugs it will assist the combustion becomes faster and better than the machines that use a spark plug.

In addition the use of 4 valves dikalim also able to produce optimal power in all engine speed but fuel economy. Taj Mahal Interior claim Pulsar LS 135 can travel 65 km with 1 liter of fuel consumption. Wow!

With a cylinder capacity reached 134.66, the Pulsar 135 LS capable of generating power of 13.5 hp at 9000 rpm engine speed. Meanwhile, peak torque can be achieved up to 11.4 Nm at 7500 rpm. Power is more than enough as a motor sport that is used daily, considering the condition of roads in big cities filled with more congestion.

Affairs of the legs, the Pulsar 135 LS using telescopic suspension with anti-friction coating on the front and rear suspension that use Nitrox. This type of suspension is able to accommodate the needs of the biker as he crossed the highway in urban areas. To be more feet tread the asphalt, equip Bajaj Pulsar 135 with wheels in size 2.75 x17 front and 100/90x17 on the rear.

So what else is gained from motor sport for Rp14, million it? Anyone would agree when Bajaj was always sporty at all output models. Even though with the Pulsar 135 LS. Shell model of a tapered light and pull a line from the tank to the stern, capable of boosting daily taste of motor sport in the body of the Pulsar 135. Moreover, some sections also appear as part futuristic taillights and also desian speedometer, would tempt anyone who loves motor sport.

With prices that are not much different than the cub same engine capacity, combined ciamik sporty design and engine power but still qualified fuel economy, whether Bajaj Pulsar will be penjegal motorcycle market in Indonesia?

bajaj pulsar 135ls 2010

Jakarta .- For Bajaj motorcycle lovers taste kudu preparing to welcome a new generation of Bajaj Pulsar. The reason is the upcoming PT on April 14. Bajaj Auto Indonesia (BAI) will fulfill its promise to launch the latest generation of Bajaj Pulsar.

"On 14 tomorrow Bajaj Pulsar LS 135 will be launched," explained the source GilaMotor. "Indeed this year is planned Bajaj will launch three variants. Pulsar LS 135 is first launched. "

When confirmed variant of what else will come after the LS 135, source who refused to be named, said the possibility would be to present the Pulsar 150cc and above 200cc.

"If nothing changes, likely to be followed is 150DTS-i and Pulsar 220 DTS-i," he added.

Motor that has been present in her home country of India by the end of December last was armed with a 4 valve engine DTS-I is capable of producing power until 13.5PS. For more details, we just wait until April 14, 2010 tomorrow yah.

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